If you’re a start-up or MNC looking to recruit the most talented developers in the world, you’re in the right place.

We have the know-how and experience to source, filter, recruit and build the in-house offshore team you need to scale successfully.

Start-up or grown up, your team will have the most talented engineers on the planet. They will transform your business. That is our mission. That is our promise.

Emilien Coquard
CEO, The Scalers

How It Works


One of our Client Evangelist will come visit you. On the table you will see soft issues and hard metrics as well as anything else you would like to discuss. Culture, vision, expectations, technical skills, timetables and budgets can and will be addressed.


With 3.5 million qualified engineers up for grabs, candidates are identified and put through a rigorous 3 stage testing process prior to a final interview with your management team. Transparent to the core, your existing team is involved in every step of the way.


Workspace set-up includes organisational, management, cultural and quality frameworks in partnership with the client. We guarantee alignment with internal structures to ensure seamless delivery and integration of your new development team.


Affordable Talent
Affordable Talent

Poach the best in class developers from a huge talent pool for 50% less than their Western counterparts. Experience shows that, compared to outsourced staff, your new in-house offshore team is fully committed to your vision and values.

Transparent Billing
Transparent Billing

At The Scalers we break down every item on your invoice. Gross Payroll includes salaries, perks and benefits. Overheads include both workspace and equipment. Management Fees include staff contracts, finance, administration and HR functions.

Zero Risk
Zero Risk

We invest our own money in all the start-up costs, including rental and recruitment costs. You only get invoiced once a month and only at the point at which your first developer hits the keyboard.

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